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Feline Hypertension Awareness Month

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– Has your cat started yowling in the middle of the night?
– Have they stopped coming to find you?
– Are they just not themselves anymore?

These changes are often mistaken as just symptoms of old age.
But they could be signs of high blood pressure.

Call your vet today to book a blood pressure check for your cat.


Did you know that the signs of feline hypertension are often invisible?

Many cats don’t show signs of hypertension until the disease starts to cause serious damage to the heart, brain and eyes, often resulting in blindness.

Call your vet today to get your cat’s blood pressure checked.


This month is Feline Hypertension Awareness Month.

High blood pressure in cats, also known as feline hypertension, is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs in around 1 in 5 cats over 9 years of age.

This disease is treatable with mediation, but 82% of senior cats don’t receive blood pressure checks.

Call your vet today to get your cat’s blood pressure checked.


DUOXO Product Range

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Ophytrium is a natural active ingredient in all DOUXO S3 skincare products.


– Protects the skin’s mechanical barrier – keeping pollens out
– Preserves the microbial flora on the skin
– Reduces irritation for soothed skin

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Give your pets the smell of summertime this year! Pet owners love the hypoallergenic smell and texture of DOUXO S3! Contact us today to find the perfect DOUXO for your pet. #DOUXOS3 #DOUXOMousse #DOUXOShampoo #petsofinstagram #furbaby #parabenfree #hypoallergenic

Help your cat’s itchy and irritated skin with DOUXO S3 CALM Mousse. No need for any pesky baths! Contact us today to discuss how we can help your cat’s skin.

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